Jooyoung Lee and Danger Museum, ART SPACE HUE, Seoul 2004

During the residency at SSamzie Space in Seoul, Jooyoung Lee and the artist collective Danger Museum (Miho Shimizu & Øyvind Renberg) have developed a project under the title Radio Hue: The Seoul Scene, in collaboration with Art Space Hue. This is a radio style sound work that makes a portrayal of the Seoul art scene of 2004 through interviews and reports with the people working within it.
Artists, gallerists, museum workers and writers, twenty-two in all, are interviewed about nationality, expectations and opinion about their home working ground. From the same questionnaire, the responses vary from short statements to complex answers, creating a multifaceted portrayal of Seoul’s art environment.
In-between the interviews are edited comments by Art Space Hue’s director. This airs the voice of yet another player on the Seoul scene. At the same time his comments create an anchor point that reflects some of the stance of the gallery that hosted the project. Along with this sound piece, the installation for Radio Hue includes a series of related objects, such as a collection of the interviewee’s favorite magazines. At the centre of the installation visitors are invited to lounge on a gigantic white, fake leather beanbag. Shaped as an möbious band it metaphores the Seoul art scene – or perhaps the art world in general – as a cycle with no beginning or end, or represents simply as a giant string of Korean Ttok noodle.

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